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African Culture Events
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African Culture Events

In celebration of the 53rd ANNUAL MEETING OF THE AfDB

hosted by Busan Metropolitan City


    With the opportunity of holding the Annual Meeting in Busan, we aim to provide an intensive introduction of African culture to citizens

    Through the understanding and sharing of African culture, our goal is to spread the diversity of cultures and increase the bonds of empathy between cultures


Outline of Events

    Date: May 21(Mon) -May 26(Sat), 2018 * some events will continue until August

    Venue: Busan Cinema Center, Busan Museum, Busan Museum of Art etc





African Cultural Festival

May 22 (Tues)

Busan Cinema Center

     Art Market: exhibition and sale of artwork, handmade products and folk crafts of Busan artists

     Cultural Performance: performance by African artists

     Experience Events: various experience events

African Film Festival

May 22(Tues)-May 26.(Sat)

Busan Cinema Center

     Number of films: 6-8

     Number of screenings: 10-15 

     Additional event: Cinema Talk

African Relic Exhibition

May 18.(Fri)-

August 19.(Sun)

Busan Museum

     More than 200 works, including the world’s best existing African map Honil gangni yeokdae gukdo jidoshowing the complete form of the African continent for the first time, anthropogenic fossils, masks, statues, weapons, etc.

Speical African Exhibition

May 4 (Fri)-July 1.(Sun)

Busan Museum of Art

     Exhibition content: sculptures, pictures, drawings

     Additional event: Talk related to exhibition


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